The Return of the Lamers!

The Return of the Lamers!


The Lamer Gamers are back and talking about Pokemon Scarlet/Violet, Xbox Bethesda Showcase, Last of Us Re-Remastered and more in the News. A special REVIEW BOMBS for Diablo Immortal where they read 0 Star reviews for this lame game and a new segment called GET HYPED where the Lamers talk about games they are excited about in the future. All this and more on the Lamer Gamers Podcast.
Travis – Helllloooo Lamer Gamers this is LamerTravis and Rowdy5000 for the Lamer Gamers Podcast!

We’re back for episode 2 of the 4th season! It’s uhhh…it’s been a while. We were just really busy and not on a super secret mission to save the world by…
Rowdy: Dude..we can’t talk about that…they’ll hear us….they…they are listening.

Travis: Oh..oh yeah…you mean we can’t talk about that covert operation where you managed to take on the world e…

Rowdy: What Travis is trying to say is we’ve had a really insane year getting back from pandemic life and haven’t had time to get an episode…


Rowdy: (club to the back of the head…random crashing sfx)


Now there has been a lot going on since we’ve been gone but we’re going to pretend that none of that has happened and try to focus on the last couple weeks of gaming news for the News Roundup. (Travis wakes up and randomly yells I’m ok in the distance while Rowdy continues the intro…)

In today’s episode we’re going to do a short News Roundup where we’ll talk about a few things going on that we find interesting such as the new Pokemon Scarlet/Violet game announcement. Xbox announced a whole slew of games coming out within the next year. And Last of Us was remastered. 

Travis: Didn’t they already re-release it or something like that?

Rowdy: I’ll explain it to Travis…in simple words so he can properly understand it when we get to that segment. 

Then we’ll talk about some other announcements such as Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Final Fantasy …uhh…games. 

Travis: After the News Roundup we’ll have a special REVIEW BOMBS where we’ll read only the best, organic, absolutely pure, possibly even pescatarian and gluten free, 0 star reviews of Diablo Immortal in all it’s glory. 

We’ll end the episode with our new segment GAMES WE ARE HYPED ABOUT followed by Games We’ve been playing! 

All this and more on the Lamer Gamers Podcast

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